The Disguiser/ Wei Zhuang Zhe 伪装者【DRAMA】

The Disguiser/ Wei Zhuang Zhe 伪装者

Also known as         : The Pretender
Genre         : Spy, Action, Thriller, War
Created by         : Zhang Yong
Based on         : The Spy War on Shanghai Bond
Written by         : Zhang Yong
Directed by         : Li Xue
Starring              : Hu Ge, Jin Dong, Liu Mintao , Wang Kai
Theme music composer : Meng Ke
Opening theme         : Main 1 by Wang Shu Yi
Ending theme         : From the Heart by Duo Liang
Composer(s)         : Wang Shuyi
Country of origin : China
Original language(s) : Standard Mandarin
No. of episodes : 41

The Disguiser (Chinese: 伪装者; pinyin: Wěi Zhuāng Zhě) is a 2015 Chinese spy war television drama based on Zhang Yong's novel,
Spy War on Shanghai Bond (諜戰上海灘).
It was produced by Hou Hongliang and directed by Li Xue,
and stars Hu Ge, Jin Dong, Liu Mintao and Wang Kai as the members of the Ming family.
The series tells the story Ming Tai, a rich and naive young master of the Ming household,
who is trained to become a spy for the Kuomintang to fight Wang Jingwei’s leadership of Japan’s puppet regime in China.
It originally aired daily on Hunan Television from 31 August to 28 September 2015.

The series was met with critical acclaim, receiving 37.5 million views on Youku as well as topping Sohu TV ratings,
and was nominated for "Outstanding Drama" at the 30th Flying Apsaras Awards.

The plot centers around the Ming household during the Japanese occupation era: college student Ming Tai is kidnapped by Nationalist government leader Wang Tianfeng,
who gives him spy training and a life-and-death partner Yu Manli to carry out the party's many missions.
The oldest brother, Ming Lou is the patriarch of the Ming household, while also holding many important positions and connections in the Nationalist government,
Communist Party of China, the Reorganized Government, and the Japanese government, although not many know his true intentions and loyalties.
Ming Cheng acts as the Ming Lou's trusted assistant, making him the number one target for others to get to Ming Lou.
Through the many dangerous predicaments the family face, together, they fight to bring down their enemies and end the occupation.


Ming household

  • Hu Ge as Ming Tai, a spoiled, naive and youngest brother of the family. His birth mother died saving Ming Lou and Ming Jing from an assassination attempt, leaving him orphaned. The siblings later took him in as an adopted member of the family. Ming Tai is gifted in his skills as a spy but still retains an immature personality. His code name is "Scorpion".
  • Jin Dong as Ming Lou, the oldest brother. He is mysterious and very active in politics, although no one really knows his true loyalties are placed in. Highly skilled in the ways of a spy, his code name is "Viper".
  • Liu Mintao as Ming Jing, the sister who acts as the mother of the whole family unit. She is the chairman of the Ming Corporation and funds the Chinese Communist Party. She tried to keep Ming Tai away from politics for his safety by sending him away for an education.
  • Wang Kai as Ming Cheng (Ah-Cheng), the middle brother who is the assistant of Ming Lou. He was adopted by the Ming housekeeper Auntie Gui. After seeing how abusive she was toward the boy, the Ming siblings decided to take Ah-Cheng into their family.
  • Guo Hong as Auntie Gui, Ming Cheng's adopted mother who was dismissed for her abusive behavior toward him. She later reappeared and became a spy for Wang Man Chun, collecting intelligence from the Ming family.
  • Zhu Mengyao as Ah-Xiang, the family maid.
  • Feng Hui as Ming Tang, Ming's cousin and a wealthy business owner.

Nationalist government

  • Liu Yijun as Wang Tianfeng, the leader of the Nationalist government's military training program who recognized Ming Tai's abilities and kidnapped him. He trained Ming Tai to become a spy and made him the leader of his team. His code name is "Wasp".
  • Song Yi as Yu Manli, Ming Tai's life-and-death partner. She was sold to a brothel by her father but was saved by Boss Yu, who sent her to school. However, he was robbed and killed. She later took revenge by murdering the criminals, and while waiting for her death sentence, was discovered and recruited by Wang Tianfeng.
  • Wang Zheng as Guo Qiyun
  • Wang Hong as Adviser Lin

Communist Party

  • Wang Lejun as Cheng Jinyun, a medical student who works as a spy for the Communist party. She is a frequent partner during Ming Tai's missions. The two eventually fall in love and marry.
  • Guo Xiaofeng as Uncle Li, Ming Tai's long lost father.
  • Zhang Yanyan as Dr. Su
  • Sun Chen as Dong Yan
  • Gao Xin as Zhang Yueyin

Department 76

  • Angel Wang as Wang Manchun, Ming Lou's lover and director of the intelligence department of Department 76. She is of the Wang family, who are sworn enemies of the Mings, although she still cares for Ming Lou deeply.
  • Yue Yang as Liang Zhongchun, Director of Operations at Department 76. He is often competing with Wang Manchun for the head of Department 76.
  • Sun Mengjia as Zhu Huiyin
  • Liu Lu as Secretary Liu
  • Gao Zheng as Secretary Li
  • Qu Haotian as Secretary Chen
  • Feng Qian as Wang Fuqu, Wang Manchun's uncle who raised her. He was responsible for the death of the Ming siblings' parents'.

Japanese government

  • Matsumine Lilie as Nantian Yangzi (Yōko Minamida)
  • Hirata Yasuyuki as Teng Tian Fang Zheng
  • Matsuura Noriyuki as Gaomu (Takagi)
  • Guo Tongtong as Momoko-san