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Sodagreen 苏打绿 - Shi Wo De Hai 是我的海【It's My Ocean】[Pinyin,English Translation]

Sodagreen 苏打绿 - Wo De Wei Lai Bu Shi Meng 我的未来不是梦【My Future is Not a Dream】[Pinyin,English Translation]

Sodagreen 苏打绿 - Zuo Bian 左边【Left Side】[Pinyin,English Translation]

Sodagreen 苏打绿 - Rong Xue Zhi Qian 融雪之前【Before the Snow Melts】

Sodagreen 苏打绿 - 我好想你 Wo Hao Xiang Ni【Aku Sungguh Merindukanmu/ I Really Miss You】[Pinyin,English,Indonesian Translation]

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